“I recently had two very difficult days with my mum where I had to sort out some financial issues. The highlight of my visit was the hand massage I gave her. 


It was really calming for both of us and a ‘neutral’ activity to enjoy in the middle of a lot of tension. She loved it. I followed all the massage instructions and advice. We noticed how well the oil is absorbed into the skin without leaving an oily residue.  I have left the bottle with her and she is delighted.


She also loves the idea of having it available in nursing homes which she went to most days before Covid. She observed that if you are a frequent visitor you don't always have much to talk about. Massage would be a good alternative.

Ann, London

A special moment with an elderly parent

“When a loved one is suffering with a serious illness, it’s easy to feel useless and inadvertently distance yourself as a result.


Using senss to give my Mum an arm massage, although it can’t cure her, bought us closer together, relaxed her, gave her a great nights sleep and gave us an opportunity to reconnect.


On top of that, it smells gorgeous so my Mum now also uses it as a body oil after a bath! Would highly recommend”

Stacy, Epsom