• Caroline Noon

World Alzheimer's Day

World Alzheimer’s Day last week, and indeed this whole Alzheimer’s Month, there have been some sobering statistics and examples of care, compassion and … fun. 

Despite thinking I know a thing or two about dementia, Alzheimer’s Research UK’s ‘#ShareTheOrange’ campaign really made me think again – I’d never really fully engaged with the idea that physical diseases cause dementia, most commonly Alzheimer’s but not always.  It felt more troubling and yet more hopeful than many campaigns I’ve seen – with similar videos from Christopher Ecclestone and Bryan Cranston.

Dementia is growing and sadly it is suggested that 1 in 3 babies born this year will develop it in their lifetime.  So we have to hope for the best from research and and hold on to the idea that is a disease and that diseases can be beaten.  At the same time, care and compassion will be critical to looking after our loved ones.  For World Alzheimer’s Day, MHA shared a wonderful song written by George Soulsby, one of their Richmond residents, saying that ‘life tends to slow down when you get dementia’ but it can still be fun, imploring us not to go outside without getting dressed first or you may get arrested by the boys in blue!

52% of us know someone who has been diagnosed with some sort of dementia and we will all probably need to find ways of connecting with family and friends who are struggling with living their life with dementia at some point.  At Senss we hope that hand and arm massage can be the answer!  And let’s not forget that 52% of us is 34.5 million people – a soberingly large number.

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