• Sarah O'Brien

Online Christmas Fair 2020

With so much in the news about Christmas being cancelled this year we realised that everyone will have to do things a little differently if they are to get inspiration for presents for loved ones.  We are thrilled that we are part of the Online Christmas Fair. This is a wonderful collaboration of over 100 small businesses offering stylish and individual gifts for Christmas. 

There are so many interesting present ideas in the fair and when you are searching for grandparents or an older or fragile friend or relative Senss Serenity could be the perfect gift.  It is designed to create special moments of connection.  It smells divine and the essential oils in the hand and arm massage are designed to promote a sense of wellbeing.  What’s more it is the one present that you will get as much pleasure giving as your loved one will get receiving it as you are also giving the gift of the one on one time together.  Time to enjoy each other’s company, relax, reminisce and connect.

We know that being together at Christmas is looking uncertain for many of us with Covid 19 still so active in the community, but as infection rates start to go down, and we can meet our loved ones again, a hand and arm massage could be the perfect way to say “I’ve missed you"

The Online Christmas Fair

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