• Caroline Noon

'I just wanted to hold her and tell her that I love her’

Today we saw footage of a 97 year old grandmother with dementia not being allowed to go home with her trained nurse daughter, who was arrested for wanting to care for her at home. Her daughter told the press how much deterioration she had noticed in her mother who had not benefitted from physical contact with the family since lockdown in March.

A recent campaign by Rights For Residents has been very vocal on social media about the untold physical and mental health damage that residents of care homes go through when they cannot see or be hugged/ touched by their loved ones. There has been an avalanche of outpourings on their Twitter feed with people telling their own stories of how their loved ones have been impacted through being deprived of visits. We absolutely understand and support their concerns.

We welcome the government’s decision today to allow visitors again to care homes, although we still wait for the guidelines to be published and hope they can find a way of bringing relatives together safely.

When we launched Senss Massage Serum, it was for the very reason of promoting touch and physical contact with older loved ones. A hand and arm massage helps express the bond between loved ones via touch – something that Covid has made us realise more than ever is vital to our wellbeing. Older people, even those not in care homes, benefit enormously from hand and arm massage – once this four week lockdown is over we expect they will need one more than ever.

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