• Sarah O'Brien

Get involved for Dementia Week

According to The Alzheimer’s Society 34.5 million of us in the UK know someone living with dementia in the UK – that is over 50% of us, which makes Dementia Week a really important event to support.

This year Dementia Week takes on an even more special significance as those living with dementia have been cruelly affected by the ravages of coronavirus. A quarter of all deaths have come from those with dementia, and for those still living in care homes they have not been able to see their loved ones for a year which will have had a lasting impact as for many vital connections will have been lost.

When we had the idea for Senss it was in a different pre-Covid world, but still one where we believed that we could help encourage connection with those living with dementia through touch and the sensory powers of essential oils. Now, more than ever, this connection is vital.

We have been working with care provider MHA who, even during lock-down, have been giving hand and arm massage to their residents and then evaluating the effects this has on the wellbeing of their residents The responses have been truly heartening. People who were confused and uncooperative had more clarity of thought and were more able to converse, some commented on increased mobility in stiff hands, and for others the fragrance unlocked memories.

As people are able to get back together we believe this will be one of the ways that loved ones are able to connect and share meaningful moments, even when conversation may be limited.

This is why we have launched our Making Moments campaign. We are asking people to upload their photos of holding hands with their loved ones when they get together, and we will be donating 50 bottles of our Senss Hand and Arm Massage Serum to help make these moments even more special.

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