• Caroline Noon

Geranium and why it’s essential to Senss

Geranium, or Pelargonium Graveolens as we say for short! Sweet scented rose geranium has been supporting wellness, enhancing concentration and balancing emotions for centuries and used in massage since the dawn of documented massage history - ancient Egypt.

Like most floral essential oils, the geranium oils have an uplifting effect on mood and they can be helpful in cases of sadness and grief. The geranium oils have a relaxing effect on most people and have been used to calm agitation, restlessness and anxiety.

Chinese medicine holds that Geranium oil is a yin tonic that has a strengthening and centering effect on the mind and spirit. An Earth element, it’s good for people who experience exhaustion and lethargy. Geranium clears heat and inflammation from the body and the mind when it’s inflamed with agitation, frustration and irritability.

Blended with Lavender and Bergamot, Geranium is deeply relaxing

Potential added bonus: pure geranium essential oils are useful for repelling gnats and mosquitoes, however in far more intense concentrations than we have used here so it will not replace your mozzie spray (happily!!).

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