• Sarah O'Brien

Christmas Fair with Christmas From Me To You

We are delighted this Christmas to be part of St Teresa’s virtual Christmas Fair. We are in awe of the wonderful work that hospices do, and many of them, like St Teresa’s are charities that have been badly knocked by Covid 19 that has wiped out most of the events that form the crux of their fundraising effort.

Living in a hospice is designed to gives comfort and support to people in their last stages of life and often they have pain that cannot be alleviated by medication. For these people touch is vital. Massage is one of the most effective ways of helping patients relax and find comfort. The benefits of touch are twofold – it can become one of the primary ways of communicating : touching both the heart and spirit as well as helping relax muscle tension, stimulating circulation and helping reduce swelling

Senss Hand and Massage Serum has been developed to bring touch to those most in need, whether it is someone living in a hospice, living with a live limiting illness, or living with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Our formulation is specially designed for fragile skin, so that it glides as you use it. Unlike many massage oils we were keen that we could also utilise fragrance. We were aware that many essential oils have the power to help reduce stress and anxiety and so we have included key ingredients such as Lavender, Rosemary and Geranium to provide as much comfort as we could. The result is that our serum smells wonderful and brings a sense of joy and pleasure while it is being used and with the fragrance that lingers afterwards.

We hope that in some way the participation of small businesses like ourselves to their online Christmas From Me to You event will help towards generating the income they so badly need. For every sale we make we will donating £2 to St Teresa’s as well as offering people a 10% discount on their purchase .

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