As with so many great ideas, Senss Serenity was born in a lightbulb moment. Our stories are different but we saw that the need to bring comfort to our loved-ones was identical. As good friends and business partners we share thoughts and experiences and these came together in a flash of inspiration – we would create a product to help families connect through gentle hand and arm massage, to spend time being together, in the moment. We are delighted to launch Senss Serenity, particularly at this difficult time when touch and togetherness are all the more appreciated.


In the summer of 2017 Sarah’s sister (Grania’s aunt) fell ill and was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. Sarah went to look after her. Her sister quickly lost a lot of weight and not only was her skin very dry and uncomfortable it was becoming more fragile. Sarah and the palliative care nurse looked at ways of nourishing the skin to alleviate this discomfort. Sarah used what she had to hand and, her sister living in Rome, she blended olive oil and lavender oil to create a moisturising and soothing massage oil.


Massage became a daily part of their lives, and not only did the skin improve but something else really special also happened. During these massage sessions the tension left her sister’s body and she luxuriated in the sensation of a soothing massage on her skin. These sessions also allowed the sisters to gently talk, and at a far more intimate level. They became even closer. These massage sessions became the highlight of the day both for Sarah’s sister, and indeed for Sarah too who got as much pleasure giving the massage as her sister did in receiving it.


Having lost her stepfather to dementia, and worked extensively with Care Home companies to understand the needs and experiences of the families they serve, Sarah’s experience resonated immediately. Caroline wondered whether other families could find comfort in massage too.  Investigating further we saw that not only is massage recommended for soothing and communicating with people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, the Alzheimer’s Society also promote the benefits of aromatherapy massage.


So Senss Serenity was born - a Massage Serum for hands, arms and feet specially formulated with people like Sarah’s sister, Grania’s aunt and Caroline’s stepfather in mind.  We have worked hard to develop a massage oil that is especially gentle on tender or fragile skin and whose essential oils work their magic to soothe, calm and relax – to create moments of connection.  Massages given with love.