Senss Serenity Massage Serum, will help you create special moments of love and relaxation with family and community through gentle hand and arm massage.


Connection through touch is vital to our wellbeing - now more than ever we realise how fundamental connection is for our health and happiness.


With older loved ones in mind, we set out to create a massage product that glides easily over more fragile skin and that fosters serenity, relaxation and wellbeing through selected essential oils - oils that help relieve everyday stresses, promote clarity and uplift the mood.


This holistic sensory experience brings together the comfort of touch, the pleasure of beautiful fragrance and physical and mental wellbeing fostered by our unique blend of natural essential oils.


Senss is delighted to support the charitable care provider MHA in the great work they do in promoting all aspects of wellbeing via the use of music therapy, reflexology and massage to ensure all their Care Home and Community residents receive the best holistic care and support.  We will make a £1 donation for every product sold on our website.


We love that MHA put people at the heart of everything they do, treating people as individuals, respecting and honouring their wishes and providing care in a way that suits each person’s specific needs, enabling them to live later life well. That they place great emphasis on nurturing the mind, body and spirit, not only of those they care for but families and colleagues in their community regardless of faith, background chimes with our rationale for launching Senss.


They understand that complementary therapies can add so much to older people’s lives -  helping unlock memories, emotional feelings and abilities. Their initiatives include Green Care to promote wellness by using elements of nature, music therapy to help those living with dementia reconnect with their loved ones and express emotions and feelings that can be locked away, reflexology to take their mind off worries and pain and massage to support the connection between loved ones and their families to create special moments.